Good afternoon Year 3,

I hope you’re all okay, staying safe and enjoying the snow we are having.

I am able to see lot’s of children accessing the work online and posting their work on the Year 3 Facebook page and it is brilliant to see. These children will be joining the other year groups to be part of my ‘Star’s of the Week’ where these children will get 3 house points for working so hard and trying their best.

Last week, we listened and appraised ‘Three Little Birds’ and found that the style of music is Reggae – Well done to the children who got that right. Then we moved on to learning the song. We are now going to listen and appraise ‘Jamming – Bob Marley’ Think about; is the style still Reggae? What instruments can you hear? Was it loud or quiet? Did it have a strong pulse? Did it sound the same as last weeks song?

Today, I would like you to recap identifying notes in a line and on a space. Follow the video and then complete the worksheet

Identify notes

Miss Counter