Happy Monday everyone! We hope you’re ready for another week of showing us just how amazing you all are. As promised, here is the full day’s activities:

Spelling: The focus for this week is: changing words into a negative meaning using the prefix ‘im’. See spellings attached below:
Reading: Please continue to use Reading Plus daily. We are still waiting on some students to log on – message us if you need log on details.

English: This week we are going to look at the Roman army! We’re so excited to see what work you do this week 🙂
First, watch this video:

Year 4 – YouTube
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zajRWl995ms   – copy and paste into your browser
Finally, complete this sheet: Label a soldier
Use the internet for extra research if you need to 🙂

Maths: Live maths lesson at 12:30 on Zoom
Time: 12:30 (Monday – Friday)

Meeting ID: 745 2178 2796
Password: E18EGK

Mr Hill will post the work after the session for anyone who cannot make the Zoom.

WALT: identify transparent, translucent and opaque objects.

Watch the following clips
Then, work their way through the powerpoint: https://youtu.be/O3Tog1YU1B4 – remember to pause if you need to.
Task 1: Using a torch (this could be phone light) find 3 opaque, 2 transparent and 2 translucent objects in your home or any you could think of and draw these objects and label them with the correct scientific names (opaque, transparent, translucent). This may be easier to do when the sun has gone down, but just do your best as always 🙂
Finally, French:
WALT: pronounce different colours in French
French is all about the children orally rehearsing the vocabulary – plenty of practise saying the words aloud and getting that pronunciation right.Have a great day, don’t forget to send us your work on the Facebook post, direct message or email.

Miss Adams and Mr Hill