Happy Friday!
Thank you for all the pictures sent in yesterday – looks like you all had great fun in the snow!

It is hotting up on TT Rockstar’s! Who is going to take this weeks point! Come on year 5 only today to go!

Here is today’s PowerPoint for those that didn’t make it onto our live zoom lesson. Please have a go at the starter questions, these are aimed to increase our fluency and then log into MyMaths and make sure all activities are completed!

With all the excitement caused by yesterdays snow, I’d like us to have a little recap today. Here is a video, explaining how I would like you to present your work. Below is a template you can download & print if you can.

Worksheet to help with today’s writing – Newspaper Report – Blank

Log into Reading Plus and complete a reading activity.

Yoga is a great way of relaxing the body and mind. Here is a video link to a fantastic site – Cosmic Kids. This video tells a story about ‘being different’ which is once of our PSHE topics. Have a go at the yoga to help relax yourself, but listen carefully to the hidden message in the story.
We would love to see you in action!