Here is the timetable for next week’s formal remote learning, starting 18th January.

As before, the only session that will be taught via zoom will be the daily registration and phonics session 10.30-11.15am. For this session, please use the link below and log in information if required. It will be the same link everyday.…

Meeting ID – 76415955180
Password – Vt2YVF

All other sessions will be available at the times listed on the timetable and uploaded onto the Website and Tapestry. A link will also be provided on the Facebook page directing you to the website.
Please remember to post your work in the comments on the Facebook post, email directly to your teacher, or upload onto tapestry, so that we can monitor who is completing the tasks.

A HUGE well done for your hard this week! We are so so impressed at how well you have handled remote learning, and it has been amazing to see your fantastic work.
As ever, Parents we can’t thank you enough for your help and support.

Happy Remote Learning! 🌈
The Reception Team

Timetable for remote learning – parents and children