Well done for yesterdays learning – you completed so much work!

WALT: identify equivalent fractions of shapes
Here is today’s PowerPoint from our live zoom lesson, for those of you that missed it. After the lesson there is an activity to complete on MyMaths.

Remember Timetables Rockstar battle continues – so far 5C are winning this weeks battle – come on 5G we can’t lose a send week!

WALT: write catchy headlines
The first feature of a newspaper we will be writing is headlines. Watch the video – you will need to pause it as it goes along, so that you can complete each little activity.

CH – Write a headline for the Tsunami that hit in Thailand

Reading & SPAG
For those that completed the assessment on Reading Plus – log back in and have a go at at a reading lesson. These pictures should help you navigate to the reading section.

If you haven’t completed the assessment please do this today.

Spellings – Word Search

WALT: understand how volcanoes are formed and erupt

Your task is to draw and label a volcano, be creative!
There is a mastery on the end of the PowerPoint – can anyone get it right???