Hello Year 4,

I hope you’re all well and staying safe!

We are going to continue our topic ‘Stop!’ which we briefly looked at before we finished for Christmas. Firstly, like any topic we do, we need to listen to our topic song and then learn it. Please follow the link and log in with the details that were sent home on Friday 8th December – https://charanga.com/yumu/login

Listen to the song ‘Stop!’ and describe the song using your key words – Pitch, Pulse, Rhythm, Tempo. If you are unsure on what they mean then have a look through the music page, on the website, and there is a picture with all the key words on.

Once you have done that, it is time to learn it. Go through the song, section by section, repeating any sections you are unsure on. You are more than welcome to add actions – It makes it more fun!

If you would like to record your performance or any sections of the song to show me, then please do so by posting it on your year group Facebook page. I can’t wait to see your performances!

Miss Counter 🙂