Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all okay and staying safe!

Here is the link to the login page – https://charanga.com/yumu/login

Our topic this term is ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley and it is a great topic where we will have lots of fun! Firstly, I would like you to listen to the song ‘Three Little Birds’ and describe the song using our key words – Pitch, Pulse, Rhythm.  I also would like you to tell me what instruments you can hear  – I will give 5 house points to the children who can tell me what style of music it is!!
Finally, once you have listened to the song, I would like you to have a go at singing the song. Make sure you stop and start the music to ensure you definitely know it and to make sure you are singing it correctly. If you need to add actions to the song, that is absolutely fine!

I would love to hear your singing voices, so if you would like to record your performance and post it on your Year 3 Facebook page then please do!

Miss Counter 🙂