What a crazy week – Well done year 5, again you have shown us how truly resilient you are!

Here are todays lessons:

Maths – The battle on Timetables Rockstar’s is hotting up – at the end of school yesterday 5C had taken the lead!

Again some activities have been set on MyMaths – we have tailored these to your needs, if they are too hard/easy please let us know.

English – Below are two pictures, today we would like you to write 2 contrasting paragraphs. One describing the first picture of what a coastal town would look like before a Tsunami hits and a second paragraph describing what it looks like after the natural disaster. Today’s skills for writing: expanded noun phrases, interesting adjectives, paragraphs and short sentences for effect.



 PSHE – With everything that has happened this week, we would like you to take some time together, find a quiet space and talk. Ask each other how you are feeling and what worries you have – parents be honest with your children, it will create such trust between you. We do not want any work submitted for this activity, as it is private – here is a sheet that may prompt your discussion.