Good morning year 5, before our face to face sessions start, we will pots all work on here for you to complete throughout the day.

Don’t forget to show us your work and if you have any problems please contact us via email or on the year 5 Facebook page.

Maths – First we have started a battle on Timetables Rockstar’s – which class will be the lockdown winners???

Then have a go at the activities we have set on MyMaths – we have tailored these to your needs, if they are too hard/easy please let us know.

English – Watch this video –

Imagine you were caught in this Tsunami. Write a diary entry explaining what happened to you and how it made you feel.

Skills to include: fronted adverbials, time words, emotive language and brackets for parenthesis.

Science – our new topic is ‘Properties and changes of materials’.  Can you make a list of things in your house with the following properties…


Transparent  (easy to see through)
Translucent  (you can see through – but only just)
Absorbent (will suck up liquid)
Insulating (keeps you warm)