We are going to do science for the next two afternoons. Today we would like you to recap and remember everything you have learnt about space so far this year.

Things to think about:

Planets in the solar system – Can you remember the order from the sun and any interesting facts?

Orbits and rotations – How long does it take for the Earth to orbit the Sun? How long does the Earth take to rotate around its axis?

Day & night – Can you explain why we have day and night? What do you remember about the seasons? What do you call that line around the middle of Earth that is the hottest part? Why is that the hottest part of the Earth?

Phases of the moon – Why are there different phases of the moon? Can you remember any of the names of the phases? Can you draw any?

Then we would like you to present all your learning in a creative way. It could be a poster, a leaflet or a PowerPoint – We know how creative you are; you will certainly come up with some fantastic ideas.

Looking forward to seeing your amazing Science work today year 5!