Nursery had lots of fun on Science Day! They experimented with objects to find out if they would float or sink. They even made a Venn diagram to show their results, how clever! They also went on an Autumn walk and found different shaped leaves and discussed all of the different colours they could see.


Upper Foundation took part in different experiments throughout the day. They particularly enjoyed seeing whether the glow sticks would glow for a longer time if they were placed in hot water or cold water. They found that the temperature of the water effected how brightly the glow stick would glow.

Year one were learning all about change. They learnt about climate change and then took part in an experiment with ice. They were surprised to see that salt made the ice melt quickly. They also found that by making the ice warm by holding it in our hands it would also melt quickly. They also enjoyed learning about recycling and seperated rubbish in to what can and cannot be recycled.



Year 2 enjoyed learning all about Seasons. They went on an Autumn walk and found conkers and leaves. They also experimented with materials to see which would be the best material to make wellies out of. Some of them got a little bit wet! They also enjoyed putting on clothes to show what you would wear in summer and what you would wear in the winter.