In the home learning packs we have created, we have included this letter for you. We will organise more work for your child and let you know when it is available through Facebook and School Gateway.


Dear Year 6 parents and carers,

We have created this pack to help occupy and educate your child when they cannot attend school. This pack includes logins for several web-based accounts, including: PurpleMash, mymaths, TTRockStars and SatsCompanion

The following work has been set on these platforms for pupils to revise and further their learning:

  • Mymaths – each week, a new set of mixed SATs questions will appear. Children can also choose to revise topics for which they feel they need extra practise.
  • PurpleMash – 3 weeks of spellings have been set on PurpleMash and these are also in this pack.
  • PurpleMash – SPaG – Two SPaG tasks have been set – Synonyms and Antonyms, Cohesive Devices. However, children can find other revision on here too.
  • PurpleMash – Reading – each week a chapter will appear to read and answer multiple-choice questions.
  • SATs Companion – nothing has been set on this website but children can choose what they need to revise. If they feel confident in every area, they can answer tests which will tell them what they need to work on and suggest videos and activities specific to their learning.


In addition, we have included paper-based resources, including:

  • 2 x RisingStars reading comprehension tests.
  • 2 x Arithmetic papers.
  • 2 x Spelling lists to be completed in your child’s spellings book.
  • 2 x Reading books – of your child’s reading level. These must be returned to school when your child resumes formal education.


Other useful websites include:

  • BBC Bitesize
  • Twinkl
  • net

These resources are for you to use as you see fit, whether it be for your child to complete independently or if you wish to work through these papers with them. If other useful resources are found/needed, we will update you via School Gateway and Facebook.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Dobson and Mrs Hargreaves