Upper Foundation – Piglets Adventure Farm

Upper Foundation had a fantastic time at the Piglets Adventure Farm! We met some farm animals, went on a tractor ride, enjoyed the play barn, learnt about fruit and vegetables and planted our own seeds. [gallery ids="5187,5188,5189,5190,5191,5192,5193,5194,5196,5197,5198,5199,5200,5201,5202,5203,5204,5205,5206,5207,5208,5209,5210,5211,5212,5213,5214,5215,5216,5217,5218,5219,5220,5221,5222,5224,5225,5226,5227,5228,5229,5230,5231,5232,5234,5235,5237,5239,5240,5242,5243,5244,5245,5246,5247,5248,5249,5250,5253,5254,5255,5256,5257,5258,5259,5275,5276,5277,5278,5279,5282,5283,5284,5287,5289,5288,5178,5137,5138"]

Sherwood Forest

Today year 5 travelled to Sherwood Forest - the home of Robin Hood - as part of their English topic. Upon arrival, they met Robin Hood himself, who explained what life was like 800 years ago, when this legend was alive. Students took part in two exciting activities: the first…