Black History Day

To celebrate Black History month, year 5 spent a day leaning about significant historical figures. They took park in an Art workshop, Dance session and brought to life the story of Rosa Parks through drama. [foogallery id="2751"]

Pumpkin carving

[gallery size="large" ids="2474,2473,2472,2471,2470,2469,2468,2467,2466,2465,2464,2463,2462,2461,2460,2459,2458,2457" orderby="rand"]As an early Halloween treat, Year 6 have been carving pumpkins this afternoon!

Filey 2017

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Scarborough trip.

Year 4 had a wonderful time on the Scarborough trip and they learnt a lot of amazing things. They got to inspect fossils that were over 450 million years old! They saw almost a full skeleton of Pleisaurus, which was just missing its head. This led to some very interesting…