Aladdin – Year 6 production

This term, year 6 have worked tirelessly to produce their brilliant production of Aladdin. They spent many hours working on the music, the dances and their lines. They have all learnt so many new skills which they will take with them as they transition up to high school. [foogallery id="6119"]

Samba Drumming

Year 2 and 5 experienced a brilliant Samba drumming workshop this term. They learnt about the various musical instruments used in Samba music and how to play each of them. They learnt 3 Samba beats and worked together to create a performance at the end. [foogallery id="6252"]

Year 5 syncopated rhythms

[foogallery id="5873"] Year 5 enjoyed a workshop on syncopated rhythms. They explored what a syncopated rhythm is and how we can create our own syncopated rhythms. They worked together in groups to create their own syncopated rhythms which started with clapping and progressed onto instruments.

Year 3 Ocarina

Year 3 explored our new instrument, the Ocarina. They discovered how to follow music, what sheet music looks like and the importance of  finger positioning when playing the Ocarina. They performed a song of their choosing in an ensemble. [foogallery id="5864"]

UFS Boomwhackers

During Su1, UPS had an exciting time exploring the different sounds and rhythms which can be created by a Boomwhacker. They used their brilliant singing voices to perform the song 'Big Bear Funk' which included the fantastic Boomwhackers.

Spring term 1 Music achievement awards

Spring term 1 music achievement awards go to: Y6 - Luca Malciu y5 - Archie Wike Y4 - Kaci Rice Y3 - Jasmine Sidhu Y2 - Skye Winchurch Y1 - Scarlett Woodhouse-Sobande Reception - Robbie Smith Congratulations to these students who have shown excellent progress throughout music this term and have…

Song Writing Day

Year 5 and 6 explored their song writing skills which created a school song for Fairburn View Primary School called 'We are Brilliant'. Working together, each class have created a different part of the song. [foogallery id="3435"]