Stockeld Park 2018

As part of Year 5’s writing, based on C.S. Lewis’ Novel set in Narnia, Year 5 travelled to Stockeld Park to experience the Winter Wonderland and expand their vocabulary for story writing. They all had a magical time; some got lost in the maze, whilst others spent most time on…

Inspire Morning

Year 5 had a fantastic morning, sharing some school activities with their parents. Students and parents enjoyed solving some Maths and English problems together, completed an exciting science experiment - sending bottled into space and experienced the wonders of a planetarium. Thank you to all parents/family members who made it…

Prison Me No Way!

Today 8 prison officers ruled year 5 and 6. They delivered exciting and engaging workshops with one clear message - it's your choice! The officers spoke about life in prison, even showing us inside a real-life cell. Students had lots of fun and their behaviour was fantastic. [foogallery id="5956"]

The Art of Brilliance!

Today year 5 took part in their first of three workshops exploring how to be brilliant! Today students understood how important positivity is and how being a 'moody hoverer' can affect others - we are going to try and be a 2%er and our best self everyday! They also leant…

BMX Stunt Display

Today year 5 watched a fantastic BMX stunt display, delivered by a professional BMX rider. Not only did he amaze us with his amazing tricks - one involved jumping off his car - but he spoke to us about keeping safe on our bikes. [foogallery id="5335"]
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